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Reflexology Foot Massage
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Relaxation Massage in Adelaide
Relaxation Massage at SHOH
Massage Adelaide
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massage Adelaide
Massage at SHOH in Adelaide
Thai Massage Adelaide
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Pregnancy Massage | Benefits and Things to Avoid - Huggies

Pregnancy Massage has many benefits. Read more here: We are trained in Pregnancy Massage and appointments are now available at our Burnside clinic at 381 Greenhill Rd Toorak Gdns. Mention this post and book on 0452 665 029 to pay a discounted price of $69 for your first appointment.

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Photos from Siam House of Healing's post

Hot Oil Thai Massage special offer: $69 for one hour or $129 for two hours or couple. This is our special offer massage that combines Thai stretching techniques and deep tissue oil massage. After one hour session you will feel like flying and that’s our guarantee. This massage is regularly priced at $90 per hour. This offers is available only in our new massage clinic at 318-383 Greenhill Rd. Toorak Gdns. – opposite Burnside Shopping Village. Booking essential on 0452 665 029.

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5 Reasons Executives Should Schedule A Massage Today

This is a good one from Forbes! Read FIVE reasons why executives should schedule massage today. If you are not an executive don’t worry it will work the same for you ;-). Here are the reasons if you don’t want to read the full article: 1. Massage can help spark creative ideas. 2. Massage can help reduce pain and even boost your immune system. 3. Massage can help increase your productivity. 4. Massage can help you sleep better. 5. Massage can reduce stress symptoms.

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Massage Adelaide | Thai Massage Adelaide | SHOH

Regular massage brings many physical and mental benefits. One hour of massage per week will protect from and improve condition of a wide range of disorders, such as: insomnia, muscular tension, migraines, work related stress and depression just to mention a few. Different massage techniques are used to treat different disorders but in our clinic we combine the benefits of Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue massage and Thai massage in a single massage we call ” Classic Thai Massage”. Learn more at:

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Foot Reflexology Eases Anxiety Following Heart Surgery

Foot massage or Reflexology reduces anxiety not only after the surgery. Read the article below. Reflexology is a massage technique of applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet in order to trigger self healing processes in your body. Book a half hour foot massage at SHOH for only $40.

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Be transported to a place of relaxation and healing with our professional Thai massage in Adelaide

The Siam House of Healing (SHOH) is a leading Thai massage clinic renowned for our professionalism. Our clinic is located in the beautiful suburb of Walkerville, Adelaide in South Australia. It is our goal to provide diverse massage services incorporating European and Asia-Pacific techniques. We blend these universal techniques together using knowledge and skills drawn from modern massage principles.

Our Siam House of Healing clinic is a retreat and escape for local residents and visitors. We have many return clients that love the calming ambience of our premises. The neutral décor of our reception area contracts beautifully with our massage area behind the dark grey doors. Once you pass through the doors all your senses will be surprised and awakened by the colours, lights, music and scents.

When you step into our clinic the first thing you will notice is a large illuminated statue of sitting Buddha. This traditional symbol of Siam is associated with retreat, meditation and reflection and is a feature of our clinic, as these ideologies underpin our philosophy and Oriental roots of our services.

Our traditional Thai massage will rejuvenate your body and awaken your senses in Adelaide

When its time for your appointment, you will be led into one of our massage rooms in our Adelaide clinic. All of our massage rooms are furnished with the newest massage equipment, as well as decorated with stunning Thai artwork. Within the room, dark chocolate tones and dimmed wall lights surround, creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

You will find our SHOH clinic extremely comfortable with high ceilings, non-slippery vinyl flooring and private, yet airy, rooms. We pride ourselves on our clinic being the perfect environment to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. With an unsurpassed range of services on offer, we are sure they will satisfy the most fastidious and demanding client. SHOH in Adelaide is quickly becoming a frequent destination in Adelaide for our valuable customers. Once your try our Thai massage in Adelaide, you are sure to join our happy customer base.