We pride ourselves on our integrity, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. We are not a spa and do not pretend to be one. What we offer is amazing therapeutic massage to suit each individual customer.

Siam House of Healing Walkerville
30 North East Road,
Walkerville, SA 5081.

0452 265 029

A Few Words About us

We pride ourselves on our integrity, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. We are not a spa and do not pretend to be one. What we offer is amazing therapeutic massage to suit each individual customer.




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Hello out there in the world of stress, today I received my 4th massage from Siam House of Healing and I gotta tell you that the Masseuses that have massaged me over that time, all have their unique style of massage and after having a stressful week it was bliss to have some time out to relax and get some me time ready for a busy weekend, to Sue and her Staff well done! keep up the good work, see you soon.

Joe Cirillo

I can't recommend Rose enough - she's truly the best I've ever had! She has an incredible ability to pinpoint exactly where my problem areas are and work her magic. The improvement in my sore neck after her sessions has been remarkable. Her expertise and skill are unmatched, and I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a noticeable reduction in tension. If you're looking for a massage therapist who knows how to deliver results, look no further. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Gretel Vause

Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience! As soon as I called to book the appointment I knew I was in for some special. Upon walking in I could smell calming scents and felt the warmth from the carefully selected decor and colour scheme. I noticed that the business owner was giving great direction to her staff and even providing them with sushi in the staff room! The massage itself was given by Mary who had firm hands and clear knowledge on what she was doing. She performed stretches on me and directed her attention to the spots I had mentioned as needing care. The choice of light piano music in the background was also a wonderful touch. I had a lovely chat with the owner who made it clear she is putting alot of thought into what she does. I left feeling refreshed and calm.

Emma Faulkner

Customer Reviews

A friend recommended Siam house of healing to me and I booked my appointment with them. Sue was really friendly over the phone and cooperative when I wanted to make changes to my schedule. I booked their Thai massage that included a firm but relaxed massage therapy. My massage therapist was very cooperative and understanding once I told her where exactly my sore spots were (Thankyou computers and typing). I felt relaxed instantly once she began her work. I felt her detangle my sore nerves and use pressure to heal the spots. I could hear the nerves on my neck detangle and felt relieved. The oils used were extremely soothing and the hot stones rejuvenated my muscles. I'm really happy with my service and would highly recommend the place.

Tania Lobo


It is my first massage, what should I expect?

In majority of our massages we will use warm oil to help lessen the friction on your skin as the therapist massages you.  We will also ask you to undress to just your underwear so the therapist can access as much of your skin as possible for the best benefits.  However, feel free to undress to your comfort level.

All our therapists want you to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy this experience so please feel free to communicate any queries or anything that makes you uncomfortable so they can adapt to your needs.

What should I expect and do after a massage?

After every massage, especially deep tissue or remedial, it is important to remain hydrated.  It is also recommended you avoid sleeping or staying stationary directly after your massage, as  mobility helps the toxins expressed during the massage leave your body.

You may also have some soreness for up to two days, this however will dissipate and leave you feeling more limber and healthy.

Why should I have a massage? What are the benefits?

Through history and plenty of research, massage has been proven to provide multiple benefits, some including (but not limited to):

  • Pain relief (occurring from muscle tension, injury or specific disorders)
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Decreased digestive troubles.
  • Deeper and longer sleeps.
  • Decreased anxiety, stress and tension.
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mood

Will my massage hurt?

The massage therapist will only go to the level of pressure you specify.  Tell the therapist where your areas of tension are, what areas you would rather not have touched and what level of pressure you feel comfortable with.

Remember, our therapists only want you to have a pleasant experience so please tell us what it is you would like to gain from your massage.

Should I talk during my massage? I do not want to talk.

If you wish to talk our therapists are happy to. However, if you don’t wish to talk or don’t want the therapist to, feel free to communicate this or simply say “I hope this send me to sleep” and should help get the message across.

Should I shave before my massage?

You can do whatever it is that makes you comfortable.

As massage therapists we focus on making your body feel more at ease and  have seen many prior to yours.  We don’t mind if you have scars, acne or hair, our focus isn’t on how your body looks but rather how much better we can make you feel.

I need to use the bathroom, what should I do?

If you can, try and go before your massage.  If you need to go during, simply tell your therapist.  We do not mind.

What do I do during the massage?

Try and take deep breathes to help relax and increase the flow of oxygen around your body.  Get comfortable and enjoy the tension leave your body as our therapists help you be the best version of yourself. This is your time.

I’m injured/have a disability/have a disorder, can I still have a massage?

Of course!

Our therapists will accommodate your needs wherever possible. Just let us know prior to the massage so we can help organise alternative ways to provide you with treatment.  We strive to make it a treatment that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Can my child have a massage?

Yes! Massage can benefit all ages from young to old so don’t be afraid to book in your children, as well as yourself.

With therapists that are certified to work with children, we are able to provide any child with a massage.  Parents or guardians are welcome to sit in the room during the massage if they would prefer.